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Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Bone Collagen

Stable isotope analysis of archaeological materials, chiefly bone collagen, is commonly used in archaeological investigations of ancient human occupation. Carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of bone collagen can aid understanding of the roles that marine and terrestrial resources and wild and cultivated plants played in ancient diets. And can help reveal dietary differences in population sub-groups based on gender, social status and age.

The differences in the carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 content of foodstuffs and the preservation of these isotopes in bone collagen, provides a method for determining the dietary practices of humans and animals alive hundreds to tens of thousands of years before present. The carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 information obtained from bone collagen can distinguish consumers of: C3 from C4 plants; meat from fish; legumes from non-legumes; herbivores from carnivores and define trophic levels.

Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15 Analysis of Bone Collagen
(Catalogue No.: ED01)

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We require a minimum of 2 mg of collagen to be supplied for duplicate analysis. We will provide you with a laboratory report and results table containing carbon-13, nitrogen-15, percent carbon and percent nitrogen data within 21 days of receiving samples.

Additional Services

We also offer hydrogen and sulfur isotope analysis of bone collagen and carbon, nitrogen and sulfur isotope analysis for a range of archaeological samples, including food residues, botanical and zoo-archaeological remains.

For further information on our isotope analyses for archaeological science please Email us or use our quote form.

Recommended Reading:

Isotopes in Paleoenvironmental Research By Melanie J. Leng (ISBN 1402025033)

Stable Isotopes in Ecology and Environmental Science By Kate Lajtha (ISBN 0632031549)

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