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Authentication of Freshly Squeezed (Not From Concentrate) Juice

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is a speciality product, which commands a higher status and price than juice made from concentrate. The vast majority of fruit juices are made from concentrate for economic and technical reasons. This involves removal of the water from the fruit juice, to give fruit concentrate, prior to shipment from the region of origin. On arrival in the consumer region the fruit concentrate is diluted with local water to its original strength and distributed for consumption. The fraudulent sale of juice made from concentrate as freshly squeezed for economic gain can easily be detected by isotope analysis of the juice water.             

Fruit Juice Water Deuterium and Oxygen-18 Analysis Package
(Catalogue No.: FD11T)

Our Fruit Juice Water analysis package allows easy identification of fruit juice made from concentrate for all popular juices including: orange, apple, grapefruit, pineapple and mango juice.

We recommend that 10 mL of fruit juice be supplied for analysis. Samples will be tested and a laboratory report issued within 7 days of arrival. Our laboratory reports include deuterium and oxygen-18 content of the juice water, as determined by triplicate analysis, and an interpretation of the outcome of the analysis.

For further information on isotope analysis of fruit juice water please Email us or use our quote form.

Also see: Authentication of Fruit Juice for the detection of undeclared addition of corn syrup to fruit juice.

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