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Isotope Analysis for Detection of the Economic Adulteration of Maple Syrup

Authenticity Testing of Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is manufactured by the evaporative concentration of the sap of certain species of maple tree. Pure maple syrup retains its reputation as a wholesome, traditional sweetener, being renowned for its unique taste and flavour.

Economic incentives exist for adulteration of maple syrup by adding cane sugar to the boiling sap or by blending the syrup with corn syrup. As the taste of a little cane sugar or corn syrup added to maple syrup is virtually undetectable the temptation to increase yields by fraudulent means can be strong. However, the carbon-13 signature of corn syrup (mean = -11.29 ‰) and cane sugar (mean = -11.85 ‰) are significantly less negative than that of maple syrup (mean = -24.27 ‰), allowing economic adulteration of maple syrup to be detected by carbon-13 analysis.

Maple Syrup Carbon-13 Analysis ..................(Catalogue No.: FC03)

Our Maple Syrup Carbon-13 Analysis allows detection of adulteration of pure maple syrup with cane sugar or corn syrup. It is conducted to the standard required by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) Method of Analysis 984.23 - Carbon ratio mass spectrometric method for detection of corn syrup and cane sugar in maple syrup.

We require a minimum of 1 gram of maple syrup to be supplied for analysis. Our laboratory reports include carbon-13 content of the maple syrup, as determined by duplicate analysis, and an interpretation of the outcome of the analysis.

For further information about our maple syrup carbon-13 analysis, please contact us or use our quote form.

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